Rock Steady Boxing

“Fighting Back Against Parkinson’s Disease”



Rock Steady Boxing uses non-contact boxing movements combined with traditional forms of exercise to improve mobility, gait, agility, core strength, and endurance.

What is Rock Steady Boxing?

Led by Certified Head Coach Bruce Caldwell, Rock Steady boxing is a perfect fit for Fitness Over 50’s motto of providing safe, functional and effective fitness and wellness programs for older adults and those diagnosed with diseases like Parkinson’s. Not only is Bruce Rock Steady certified, but his A.C.E. Personal Training and Older Adult Fitness Specialist certifications provides familiarity with common issues as we age.

Rock Steady Boxing consists of:

  • Extensive Warm-up and Stretching Exercises
  • Circuits of Non-Contact Boxing
  • Balance and Mobility Training
  • Body Weight Strength Training along with punching bags
  • Yelling and Dancing for voice activation and many other scientifically proven exercises to help patients with Parkinson’s

Rock Steady Boxing is set up in a fun, energizing atmosphere that promotes both physical and mental health. We welcome people of all functional levels to join our community- whether you are still able to get up and off the ground or function best with a walker. Come share, laugh, sweat, and fight back with us!





What is a Rock Steady Boxing Class Like?

  • Warm Up: 20-30 minutes
    • Big Movements
    • Stretches
  • Boxing Drills: 30-45 minutes
    • Focus Mitts
    • Heavy Bag
    • Agility
    • Speed Bag
  • Core work: 5-10 minutes
    • Chair or Floor Exercises
  • Cool down: 5-10 minutes
    • Stretches

Fighter of the Month 

Claire Still

What keeps you motivated to attend RSB classes?

I’m convinced I will feel better, look better and sleep better with regular exercise.  That means fewer meds with their nasty side effects and stiff copays. It also means I can move along with my life on my terms.

How long have you been dealing with Parkinson’s?

I remember that doctor’s visit like it was yesterday, but it was actually April 2011. Ten years ago. I was in denial until that wasn’t possible any longer.

What are the biggest challenges to your activities of daily living?

There are so many: walking — in unfamiliar territory, around obstacles, sharing uneven sidewalks, walking while talking, walking with legs that each weigh a ton. Talking and making myself heard. Staying upright. Standing from a seated position. Planning and following through on simple projects (meals for the week, or a vacation months from now).


How does the RSB class help you deal with these challenges?

My daily challenges aren’t unique. Anyone with PD will recognize those challenges as among the most bothersome.  RSB introduces movements specifically to counteract these challenges: boxer’s stance to keep my feet and legs from getting tangled up, lowering my center of gravity to remain upright, concentration while learning a new activity and getting a feel for how my body responds as I get better at it. Movement and exercises that strengthen targeted muscles increase my confidence in my ability to face these challenges.

Meet Our Coach 

Bruce Caldwell

Bruce joined the Fitness Over 50 staff in March of 2019. Bruce has a Master’s Degree in Adult Education focusing on adult training and development. Also an A.C.E. certified personal trainer, Bruce’s skill set fits perfectly with Fitness Over 50’s vision of providing functional and health driven wellness opportunities for older adults. In November 2020, Bruce combined his passion for boxing and helping those in need and became a nationally certified Rock Steady Boxing Coach. Schedule an assessment with Bruce and find out first hand how he can help you improve you quality of living!

"RSB has helped me socialize. It is fun to be with your peers and learn a new skill. Throwing punches has increased my strength"

Carole Wille

"Rock Steady keeps me from falling in my everyday life."

Joyce Asbury

"RSB makes me more coordinated."

Chris Mathews

"If I miss a class, I don't walk or hike as well."

Doug Brodie

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