Already the Willamette Valley’s leader in older adult health and wellness, Fitness Over 50 is now proud to offer Rock Steady Boxing classes at our facility in Corvallis, Oregon. Fitness Over 50 is completely wheel chair accessible.

Led by Certified Head Coach Bruce Caldwell, Rock Steady boxing is a perfect fit for Fitness Over 50’s motto of providing safe, functional and effective fitness and wellness programs for older adults and those diagnosed with diseases like Parkinson’s. Not only is Bruce Rock Steady certified, but his A.C.E. Personal Training and Older Adult Fitness Specialist certifications provides familiarity with common issues as we age.

Rock Steady Boxing consists of:

  • Extensive Warm-up and Stretching Exercises
  • Circuits of Non-Contact Boxing
  • Balance and Mobility Training
  • Body Weight Strength Training along with punching bags
    Yelling and Dancing for voice activation and many other scientifically proven exercises to help patients with Parkinson’s

Rock Steady Boxing is set up in a fun, energizing atmosphere that promotes both physical and mental health. We welcome people of all functional levels to join our community- whether you are still able to get up and off the ground or function best with a walker. Come share, laugh, sweat, and fight back with us!